Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Cubes are Japanese flavors at its most delish

Gelo Lasin

I stan Tokyo Tokyo

The famous Japanese resto chain has always captured my heart with its mouthwatering, high quality, yet affordable food choices. There are endless oh-so delish options to choose from, but my fave has always been the ‘Honey Chicken Teriyaki’ bento meal.

So when I got the chance to try the Tokyo Tokyo ‘Wagyu Cubes’, I was over the moon with anticipation. After all, not only is my fave resto launching a new offering, these succulent Wagyu Cubes are always a treat to have.

And you know what? It was Worth. The. Hype.

Not only is it reasonably priced (Wagyu cubes can be expensive AF), Tokyo Tokyo’s take comes with a grilled, juicy, rich taste complimented with their signature, sweet unagi sauce that’ll send your taste buds to food nirvana.

This affordable dish can be changed into a bento meal, paired with the tasty vegetable misono and an unli (YES, UNLI) serving of rice.

Honestly, writing this article is making me hungry. You can head to your nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch OR if you’re a lazy bum like me, you can call them at +632-477-1000 to taste these scrumptious Wagyu Cubes and other premium offerings.

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