This dude rescued his school docs in the middle of Commonwealth Avenue

Gelo Lasin

Anyone who has ever truly done some #adulting has realized that school documents are as valuable as life itself. Almost every institution you’d ever come across would require at least one of these papers, such as your Transcript of Records and/or Diploma.

So when Twitter user @PowpzEleganza decided to cross Commonwealth Avenue just to rescue his school docs – which he dropped while riding the jeepney – we KINDA understood what was going through his mind.


In case crossing a busy highway isn’t hardcore enough for you, we would just like to remind you that Commonwealth Ave is the widest one in the country, as it currently has sections that span from 6 to 18 lanes.

Thankfully, this dude ‘only’ had to cross the one that had 7.

But in case you’re worried that ‘Catriona Tray’ died and is now tweeting from the afterlife, he actually managed to successfully retrieve his transcripts.

Props for not dying, I guess?


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