Here’s where Pinoys went to satisfy their Wanderlust in 2018

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Whether traveling solo, with their significant other, bestie, family, or the whole barkada, Filipinos are eager to get out of their comfort zones to explore what the world has to offer. So where exactly did Pinoys choose to go in 2018?

According to booking data from Agoda from the period of January 2018 to November 2018, while the #travellocal trend has caught on with Philippine cities occupying six out of top 10 places for Filipinos, Japan and Hong Kong were also among the top destinations for Filipinos this year.

With natural diversity and improved infrastructure across the Philippines — traveling locally has become an affordable and ideal way to satisfy wanderlust. Cebu, Palawan, Baguio, Bohol, Davao City, and Tagaytay have come up among the top ten cities booked by Pinoys in 2018.

Just think ephemeral cherry blossoms and quirky robot cafes, and it’s easy to see why Japan was the destination of choice and ranked second overall among the top three countries Filipinos visited.  Hong Kong came in third, thanks to its famed shopping districts and pop-culture icons like Bruce Lee and the cinematic masterpiece that is Chungking Express.

Among Agoda travelers across the world, Bangkok, with its fascinating culture; London, with its old-world charm; and Las Vegas, with its incredible nightlife, emerged as the top three city destinations.

Here’s a look at where Filipinos and the rest of the world travelled in 2018: 

Top 3 Countries Visited by Filipinos

  1. Philippines
  2. Japan
  3. Hong Kong

Top Cities 10 Cities Visited by Filipinos

  1. Manila
  2. Cebu
  3. Palawan
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Baguio
  6. Bohol
  7. Davao
  8. Tagaytay
  9. Singapore
  10. Tokyo

Top destinations for travelers across the globe:


Top countries in Asia


Top countries in Europe

1.       Japan

2.       Thailand

3.       Malaysia

1.     United Kingdom

2.     Italy

3.     France



Top cities in AsiaTop cities in EuropeTop cities in America
1.       Bangkok

2.       Tokyo

3.       Kuala Lumpur

4.       Hong Kong

5.       Osaka

6.       Taipei

7.       Seoul

8.       Singapore

9.       Bali

10.    Pattaya

1.     London

2.     Paris

3.     Rome

4.     Barcelona

5.     Istanbul

6.     Amsterdam

7.     Milan

8.     Madrid

9.     Venice

10.  Prague

1.     Las Vegas (NV)
2.     Los Angeles (CA)
3.     New York (NY)
4.     Orlando (FL)
5.     San Francisco (CA)
6.     Chicago (IL)
7.     Phoenix (AZ)
8.     Houston (TX)
9.     Oahu Hawaii
10.  San Diego (CA)


After London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, cosmopolitan Istanbul is also quickly gaining popularity as a European destination—climbing four ranks up to become the fifth most-booked city in Europe since 2016. With over 2,500 years of history, rich culture and remarkable sights, this is the only city in the world that straddles Europe and Asia and it’s definitely worth putting on your bucket list.

If you still haven’t planned your trips for 2019, consider checking out these top destinations. Yes, you’re welcome.

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