This dude shares how he scored an epic FREE First Class flight from Etihad

Gelo Lasin

Kevin is just like any other millennial

Kevin dreamed of traveling the world and seeing the sights. In fact, he even achieved his personal milestone of visiting 30 countries before he turned 30, a goal which he set for himself way back in 2015.

But just like any traveler, his adventures had humble beginnings.

“I started to travel the way most people did – as an early twenty-something backpacker who just graduated college or on leave from our first job.”

Kevin first settled for the cheapest flights and accommodations. But over time, he aspired for something better and eventually made his way from economy to business class.

Kevin never considered flying First, which he found “impractical and downright reckless unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg”

It was only until he discovered that there’s actually a way to fly First (on ETIHAD, no less) for FREE.

How he did it

Kevin managed to find a gem hidden within the dozens of credit card and mileage programs.

Kevin broke it down:

“As far as I know, there is no local (Philippine) credit card that lets you earn miles with Etihad Guest, which is Etihad’s frequent flyer program.”

“On the other hand, nearly all local credit cards let you redeem points for Mabuhay Miles, the frequent flyer program of the country’s flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL)”

With enough research, he became aware that Etihad actually has a partnership with Philippine Airlines (PAL) and that it was “possible to redeem Mabuhay Miles for Etihad”

The flight and the fees

Kevin found out that he had enough miles to score a First Class cabin on, not just any airplane, but on the Etihad Airbus A380, which is the largest aircraft in the world.

He managed to redeem a total of 84,000 miles for a flight to London (he wanted to be in time for the Royal Wedding) and it “only” set him back PHP 10,000 for taxes and fees.

We’re saying “only” because the flight originally costs a WHOPPING PHP 375k, or as Kevin puts it, “the price of a second-hand car for a one-way flight”

The fancy life

Kevin soon found out that his ‘wais’ moves were well worth it because flying First in Etihad’s fanciest airplane was FREAKING awesome.

He had a suite all to himself (plus a butler!)

He had the most scrumptious of meals

The A380 aircraft even had a freakin in-flight/lounge and bar

He had the coziest of beds all to himself

You can read more about Kevin’s incredible adventure on his blog.

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