Angkas bids farewell to the pvblic through ‘High School Musical’ lyrics

We The Pvblic

“We remain in the service of the Filipino commuter.”

Motorcycle-hailing app Angkas will officially suspend its operations starting Saturday, Nov. 18, some weeks after the company was ordered closed for operating without a business permit.


Angeline Tham and David Medrana of Angkas wrote to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulator Board (LTFRB) on Thursday, informing the board along with its loyal riding pvblic that they will halt operations starting November 18.

“We are using these remaining days to send out the proper communications to our partners and to discuss how we can continue to support them moving forward,” Tham and Medrana wrote.

Angkas came out with an official statement, bidding farewell to its adoring pvblic through “High School Musical” song lyrics that will get you feeling things.

Check out the full statement below:

Why do good things have to come to an end?!
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